Kabukichou Bad Trip Chapter 1

A new project with the lovely people from Scan Beans.

This is for you who likes BDSM stories. Don’t worry, there are no dub-con/non-con in this one and the consent level is soooo good in the later chapters~

Btw, this is Nagisa-sensei’s debut manga, but I think she was doing an awesome job! This manga also is in high rank in Japan’s bookstores

Manga Information

Title: Kabukichou Bad Trip / 歌舞伎町バッドトリップ
Author/Artist: Nagisa Eiji
Host Miyama Tooru has climbed to be the No.1 host in Kabukichou with his ability to “read minds” and his handsome face. Of course that power is a secret to others. Furthermore, he has another secret: he’s actually a hardcore fan of a male model, Hikawa Mizuki…!
One day, he meets Mizuki by chance. Tooru who feels like he’s reached Seventh Heaven, peeks into Mizuki’s mind on a whim and finds himself being tied up, caned, and toyed with there?!

Read online: Mangadex


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